Massage and Bodywork

We offer a wide variety of Massage and Holistic Bodywork treatments, that focus in reducing pain or soreness, rejuvenating and re-integrating body, mind & emotional health of each client, making each session customized to our client’s needs and preferences.  

Through an initial assessment the therapist determines and incorporates the best protocol to help the client in reducing muscle soreness, pain and/or inflammation as well as emotional distress or energy imbalance.

We work “intuitively” which means that we apply more than one modality of massage and/or bodywork during the session, depending on our training and the goal in hand, including but not limited to the following:

  • A form of relaxing Massage:
    • Swedish massage
    • Hot stones
    • Superficial myofascia release
    • Lomi-lomi along
    • Aromatherapy
  • Techniques for pain management:
    • Deep myofascia release
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Sports massage
    • Orthopedic massage
    • Deep tissue
    • Trigger point therapy, etc
  • Specialized care
  • A form of ayurvedic rejuvenation:
    • Using ayurvedic oils for the client’s unique constitution we integrate Abhyanga massage, Kansa massage or Marma therapy
  • Energy bodywork:
    • Meridian work
  • A form of acupressure or deep stretch:
    • Thai Massage,
    • Shiatsu,
    • Meridian massage,
    • Marma points
  • A modality of cupping:
    • Flame glass,
    • Magnetic cupping,
    • Baguanfa massage
    • Bell cupping for neck release and facial rejuvenation.